Now that another is beginning, I thought I would repost this on my site. Doing it tomorrow! :)


Some images from last year’s activity:

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For the love, don’t do it.

After a glorious walk home through the park and a few sips of Malbec I have left the weight of the day behind and I can’t stop laughing.

I can’t stop laughing at the cuteness of my kids.

I can’t stop laughing at the joy of 72 degree weather backdropped by a Hudson River sunset.

I can’t stop laughing at me trying to do a shared experience with Book 2 of the NYS Reading/Writing assessment. Shared experience + Book 2 (60 min of work) = me going crazy. (I’m still laughing.)

This blog is a confession, plea, and promise. I will never. ever. do that again.

And you shouldn’t either.

*it should be noted that the steps of the shared experience are ones that I completely believe in and support. Here’s how I’m asking my kids to tackle writing off of 2 texts:

1. Read the Question 1st

2. Chunk the Question with dashes or circles. (Because these are loaded questions and we might miss something! What is the question asking me to do? )

3. Make your plan.  (Plan your essay:  Which part of the question(s) will go into which box? Write it.)

4. Read and Road map your text (Jotting a few words to help you hold onto each chunk of text.)

5. Look at your plan. Insert your “jots” (details) where they go. Go back to the text or memory if you need to.

6. Use your plan to write a rockin’ essay.

We brainstormed these steps (each one a previous lesson they’ve received) and then sorted them. I asked the students to sort these in order based on 1) what makes sense, given two passages to read and an essay to write and 2) what would save them time.

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A hodge-podge of files…

I’m finding that I’m constantly looking through old files to help me plan for the current year, so I’ve decided to start posting old units online to make it easier for me (and at the same time share with YOU)!   These are some old units/documents – written over 2 or 3 years ago, in need of much revision, but they might be good starting places for thinking.

Vocabulary Skills Checklist

Retell Checklist

Fluency Checklist

Inferring Continuum

Fluency Checklist

Decoding Checklist

TC Assessment Record-2

Continuum of Talk


PS 59 Ind Writing Unit 2010 Reyes

Writers Edit…

Student Writing Profile-roster

Student Writing Profile-Essay

Student Writing Profile Conferring Sheet

revision strategies

Personal Essay UBD 2010

Non Narrative Continuum

Boxes and Bullets


Readers thrive in a community

Social Issues Reading UBD

UVW prompts for thinking

Continuum of Talk

Read Aloud behavior checklist

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Book Bands: Levels of Text Difficulty in Fiction Books

Click Here for resources on book bands!!! –>   BOOK BANDS

This work has been inspired by the TCRWP— especially my brilliant and beloved staff developer Kate Roberts.

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Non Fiction and Inquiry Circles

Non Fiction (Notes from an amazing week at the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project)

Steph Harvey Inquiry Circles (From a closing workshop with Stephanie Harvey)   Check out her book on the same topic.

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Reader’s Notebooks: The possibility


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Writing Institute Summer 2005

Writing Institute Notes1

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